The Chicken War of 1719

In June of 1719 an order arrived which had both
comic and economic repercussions
on the Natchitoches Post and its India Trade Company.

The commandant, Philippe Blondel,
received orders to attack the Spanish post of Los Adias.
Realizing that a surprise attack
was their greatest asset,
he immediately ordered the drummer to sound
assembly of the troops,
all seven of them.

Arriving at the objective,
the invading force found victory easily obtained.
A lay priest,
an aging soldier
and a flock of Spanish chickens
were taken prisoners of war.

Unfortunately, the squawking, feathered prisoners
so scared the French horses
that the commandant was thrown to the ground
and the lay priest escaped.

The priest carried word of the French promise to drive
all Spanish people from East Texas.

This resulted in a mass Spanish withdrawal from the area.
It was not until after the hostilities of 1719 ceased
that Blondel and his superiors realized
that they had driven away
the best customers of their own trading company.